FAQ – How it works

How do we make a booking?

To enquire a booking please contact us by e-mail on hello@axelochberg.com. Usually, our clients book us 8-12 months ahead. We are especially busy with bookings during spring and summer but don’t hesitate to contact us on short notice, your date might still be available.

Will we meet you before the wedding?

Of course! We always try to meet our couples before the wedding, however, if that’s not possible we always arrange a Skype call. We really like to get to know you before your wedding day is here!

Where do I find your pricing?

Please email us at hello@axelochberg.com and tell us more about your wedding plans. We will get back to you with all the information you will need.

When and how do we pay and when is my date confirmed?

When you decide to make a booking, you have to pay us 25% of the contract as a deposit. Your date will only be secured once the booking form has been completed and signed and when you have paid 25 % as a deposit. The remaining balance will be billed to you a week before your wedding.

Why are you two photographers, isn’t one enough?

Sure, sometimes one photographer is enough, but we work closely as a team on our shoots. From planning to execution we get inspired and perform our best by working together. For you, this means that you will be able to cover more of your wedding day and create a story that is more complete. After all, this is the story that you want to remember forever.

Would you mind traveling to cover our wedding?

We love to travel! To be able to see the world and shoot a wedding at the same time is a dream come true for us. Therefore, we would have no problem with traveling to be able to cover your wedding. However, costs for transport and accommodation while away is not included in our packages. Please contact us for more information about pricing for destination weddings.

Do we need to provide food for you during the day?

We would very much appreciate if food is provided for us, in that way we don’t have to do the photo shoot on an empty stomach. We don’t have to eat the same food as you, the only important thing is that it’s a vegetarian meal.

Do you have a studio or do you use flashes while photographing?

We love to shoot with natural light in natural environments, we do not have a studio and rarely use flashes while photographing.

What rights of use do we get?

Together we will sign a contract for the photo shoot. The contract clearly describes what rights you get to the photos and what we expect in return.

  • The client has the right to use delivered photographs for personal use only
  • When the photographs are used, the Photographer’s name must be given
  • Photographs may not be altered without the Photographer’s consent
  • The license to use must not be transferred or made available to a third party
  • Original material is the property of the Photographer
  • The photographer may use the photographs for marketing use

How many photos do we get?

It all varies on our different packages, how much time we get together. We deliver between 50-500 photos most of the time, sometimes more depending on our selection.

When do we get the photos delivered?

We usually deliver the photos within 4-6 weeks after the wedding.

What happens if it rains?

Rain is rarely a big problem for the photos but it does create some limitations. During our pre-shoot or consultation, we can discuss backup-locations and other necessities.

We have more questions before we decide, can we contact you for more information?

Of course! We will be happy to answer any questions you might have for us. E-mail us on hello@axelochberg.com or use the form below.

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