Axel & Berg

Destination Wedding Photography

All good things in life are better when shared. Like laughter and love. We get inspired, motivated and engaged by creating together. It always seems like something is missing when we’re not sharing our dreams and passion with each other. That is why we started Axel & Berg, combining the biggest passions and qualities of two individuals, as one.

Axel & Berg Photography

A Destination Wedding photography duo from the northern parts of Sweden, based in Stockholm and in Auckland, New Zealand available for weddings worldwide.

Phone (SWE) +46703309255  (NZ) +64 220 399 889

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This is Axel & Berg Photography

  • Susanne Axelsson, Photographer

    Though born and raised under the northern lights of aurora borealis and the never setting midnight sun, I quickly adapted an urge for traveling. Like a whirlwind I set out to explore life and new cultures, excited about where the future might take me. I’ve been snapping pictures and painting since as far as I can remember. Right now my big passion is capturing love and all of it’s great moments.

  • Fredrik Bergström, Photographer

    As a child I used to stay out for days in forest with my family, there I got the space and a freedom which has made a great impact in who I am today. The curiosity and imagination that you find in a boy from the north part of Sweden runs through my veins. Always being drawn to all things creative, photography early became a passion. For me it’s about finding that perfect moment, when all the details are just right.

The world is our canvas

We love new experiences! Together we travel around the world equipped with cameras, documenting and always on the chase for new places and interesting people we haven't encountered. For us finding out about other cultures and peoples lifes means finding out more about yourself too. On our travel blog The world is our canvas you can follow our trips around the globe. Selected photos are available to purchase as prints on Below is a map highlighting some stories from our recent travels. Feel free to explore and enjoy!