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The beauty of Nepal

Early March this year we had the opportunity to go to Nepal. A country we’ve never visited before but always wanted to go to. Arriving early in the morning we were surprised over how much it reminded us of the Northern India, (maybe not that surprising after all since they’re neighbours).

But Nepal felt like a calmer India. That said our minds did have a hard time to find peace in Kathmandu because of all the cars that were beeping on the streets, people walking everywhere and street dogs running and the heavy pollution in the air that created a constant layer of grey dust over the city.  But we were still touched by Nepal and by Kathmandu, mostly because of it’s people. For most people visiting Nepal, Kathmandu is just a short stop on the way to the mountains.

Just about a year ago Nepal were all over the news after a big earthquake struck the country with a magnitude of 7.9. Many people died and lost their homes and schools where destroyed, also a lot of tourism disappeared as a consequence of the earthquake. Help didn’t arrive when it should have and people are still struggling to get their life back to normal. The same morning we arrived we decided to go out on the streets with our cameras to get a better feeling of the city, as we walked the streets and talked to people one thing they all mentioned was the earthquake and how happy they were to see tourists. (A lot of their economy is built on tourism), all of the people we stopped to talk to took time to speak to us, even though all of them didn’t speak english we did find a way to share some moments together and to share some smiles.

People of Nepal are some of the most warm hearted people we have meet and that’s what we are taking with us back home. We can all share our smiles with each other even though we do not speak the same language. We hope some of these photos reflects the beauty of the people of Nepal that we meet on our trip.

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