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Costa Rica – Surfing Playa Avellanas

Easter weekend was all about surfing. So while Fredrik was trying his best in the waves I enjoyed the last beach sun that we’ll get in a while now. And what do you know, just when we said goodbye to one canadian, we meet a new one at the hostel. He’s presence made it the hostel experience nicer then it actually was and Fredrik didn’t have to get up at 05:15 alone to go surfing anymore. The waves here were much better then in Nicaragua, or easier at least. Early morning and late afternoon Fredrik and Gill were catching waves, now and then accompanied by turtles and even a small shark! To get to the beach you had to follow a board walk trough the mangroves. The forest around the hostel was home to many howler monkeys and iguanas and the morning walk to get to the beach will be a memory for life. Good times!

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Happy easter from Nica

Happy easter to all our friends, family and fellow travelers! Hope you’re all having a great weekend.

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Every new meeting is an opportunity

Since we left Honduras we’ve had the joy of a new travel companion, Rich from Calgary. Every early morning just when the sun is rising here on Playa Maderas in Nicaragua, Fredrik and Rich have gone surfing.

Rich has a gift. He can walk into room full of people and within 15 minutes he will know everyone’s story, and everyone will know his name. He has a fantastic positive energy. Nothing seems to be a problem for him and he is always happy and spreading a good energy around him. He dropped out of school when he was 16 years old, moved away from home and started working… And this is a man with big plans for his life, dreams that he is working towards becoming reality. He has probably read more books then those that goes to school for several years.

Rich is super social and has taught us northern souls a thing or two about how to talk to strangers. You see, Rich lives his life the opposite of what we have been taught since we were children – don’t talk to strangers. Rich talks to everyone as they were his best friends. He makes everyone feel welcome and its a joy just watching him getting to know all the people that he meets. And he is not asking people the basic questions that you might think he would ask, he could start up a conversation with – what’s your biggest dream in life? That question can for some people be life changing if they never have got it before, but what’s so inspiring is that he shows genuine interest in other people, giving of himself and his time. Showing interest in another person and giving them a genuine smile is something that almost feels lost in our day and age. It is sad because its such a small effort that makes a big difference, you can really make someone’s day. Think of it as an opportunity, If you never try, you will never know what it could have lead to.

We’re having a truly inspiring time together and we always end up sitting at the beach at sunset, with the never ending discussion of all the possibilities in life and how to live it. Thank you Rich for inspiring us!

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Sun’s up – Surf’s up!

Playa Maderas is known as one of the most popular surf spots in Nicaragua, and with over 350 days of off-shore winds it’s not hard to understand. Here we’re getting closer and closer to the perfect wave everyday. Early morning session has been the best so far, not to many people in the line-up, not to windy and a beautiful sunrise.

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Easy life at Matilda’s Surf & Beach

We left Granada on one of the many chicken buses heading towards San Juan del Sur. It was a crowded and sweaty 2-3 hours bus ride that took us to the atlantic coast line. When we got into town it was not what we expected, and we didn’t get a good vibe at all, so we decided to find something else. We only spent one night there to research, then the next day we went to a surf beach called Playa Maderas, 35 minutes from town and we arrived to a small paradise. The beach has just three restaurants, good waves, surf rentals and a few accommodations to pick from. We found a perfect location right on the beach at a place called Matilda’s. It’s a funky place managed by a sweet lady. We have a kitchen to make our own food, hammocks in the shade and a beautiful garden. A small wooden gate separates us from the beach.

So basically this is how our days look for now. We wake up 05:30, go surfing for two hours, Susanne goes to the only restaurant with internet connection and work while enjoying a breakfast. Then we hit back to the Matilda’s, rinse of, rest, make lunch and work for a while. When it gets to hot we just jump in the ocean, then work some more or hang out with all the people at Matilda’s. And then when the sun starts to set, the boys go out for another surf session, or we do some cross-fit on the beach. Then it’s dinner and early to bed. Easy life and absolutely what we need right now.

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Sixteen hours in Honolulu

So we had 16 hours in Honolulu, enough time to explore at least some parts of the city. After visiting The Wedding Café, we walked in the sun towards the Waikiki beach area. Probably the most touristic area in Honolulu and when we reached the beach, the contrast to Fiji was so big. So many people, in the water, on the beach and so many surfers all over. After the long walk from downtown, we rested in the shadow of some palm trees for some excellent people watching. Before it was time to get back to the airport again,  we had some delicious yoghurt ice-cream to finish off a perfect stop over.

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