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Te Henga Walkway

In between shooting weddings on weekends and work this summer we’ve been busy with something that’s been in the making for the last year, and we are so excited to say it has finally happened. As of last weekend we are now living in Auckland, New Zealand!

It is really a dream come true, and a dream we have fought for so long. Now that we’re here we will make sure to enjoy every moment and work hard to build on what we’ve fought for so long. A new adventure has begun.

This weekend we craved to see the ocean so bad and decided to do a trek with some friends from Auckland. Thanks to Epic Little missions we found a suitable trek just 45 minutes from the city.

Forming part of the Hillary trail, the Te Henga walkway boasts some incredible coastal views. The track varies and can be rutted and steep in parts. Tracks become slippery after periods of rain so this is not for the faint-hearted.

As this is not a loop track you will need to organise a pick up or leave a car at the other end. We decided to walk halfway and then return back to Constable Rd near Muriwai to save some time.

From Constable Rd the Te Henga Walkway crosses drops down a steep valley and continues out to the windy cliffs, to reveal amazing view of the surrounding coastline. It was a beautiful sunny day and behind a sand stone cliff we found shelter from the wind to have a Swedish fika.

It is amazing how fast you can get from Auckland to places as beautiful as this, we are hooked on you New Zealand!

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Iceland adventure

A couple of months back we played a special round of UNO with some good friends. To intensify the game we made a deal that the winner of UNO would decide a destination for us all to travel to, and the tickets had to be booked the same night. We were really close to booking ticket to Malawi that night but a strong finish made Iceland the winner. So the same night we booked tickets for a weekend and little did we know it was going to be our best so far.

Iceland is in many ways unique, the emptiness, the silence, the great outdoors. A place filled with magical waterfalls, snowy mountains, steaming hot springs and black sand beaches. To get the most out of our short visit we spent a night in Reykavik, eating amazing food then rented a 4×4 car and set of for adventure.

Our first day we hiked over the mountains and across a thermal spring area to find these amazing natural hot springs. It was probably the most memorable thing of the trip, being submerged in 40°C water in the middle of nowhere surrounded by mountain tops. The next day we discovered a crash site of an old american navy airplane. It felt like being on another planet, black sand as long as the eyes could see. We also had time to walk on Iceland’s largest glacier Vatnajökull and go for a morning ride with icelandic horses.

We really think Iceland is the country to not miss in Europe… but please, bring real outdoor clothes and don’t expect to see the sun shine. (According to the locals, we were very lucky with the weather, they told us the weekend before a big sand storm ripped the paint of rental cars).

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