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The flea market in Williamsburg

Every year when spring closes in on New York a local flea market returns to the shore of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It’s a popular area for “hipsters” and tourists alike and a great place to find both vintage clothes and collector’s items. We strolled around on the market for a while until we got to cold and it was time to take the bus back home again. We are not used to the cold winds here after 5 months of tropical climate…brrrr!

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Leaving Costa Rica for Brooklyn, NYC

Our travels trough central america has given us so much, we’ve met people that greatly influenced our lives and we’ve seen places that will always be captured in our memories. Costa Rica was the last of our destinations in Central America and wow we’re enjoying life in the big city. We’re actually in New York City!

Here we are staying with close friends in Brooklyn. As many of you already know New York has almost too much to offer. This sunday we’ve focused on Brooklyn, beginning with joining our friends for catholic church followed by a hearty brunch at famous Tom’s restaurant, a local diner so popular that there’s a usually a line outside. But don’t worry, while standing outside you will be offered both fresh orange slices and coffee by the friendly staff. Once inside you can choose from 15 different styles of homemade pancakes, a wide range of omelettes and traditional burgers and milkshakes. Everything was delicious!


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New friends in Auckland

Kate and Sherman is a lovely and truly inspiring couple that we met during our time in New Zealand, we just have to share their story with you.

Kate’s originally from Boston and Sherman from Philadelphia but just after they got married, when people around them expected them to start a family and buy a house, they moved from the states to New Zealand. What was suppose to be a one year working holiday turned into three years and a blooming photography business.

Sherman early got a good job at a advertising agency in Auckland. Kate started off as an employee but with too little time for her personal projects and to develop her own creativity she decided to go solo and start her own business. Today she is an established New Zealand Wedding Photographer that shoot weddings all over the world. Because the wedding season in New Zealand and most other parts of the world are so different, she goes to the states for their summer season and when it’s winter in the states, wedding season starts in New Zealand. She also inspired us with her food photography by showing us her latest work for a cook book with colorful bakery and yummy cupcakes. Now we are looking into finding a similar project, photographing a themed cook book would be a dream come true.

We first found out about Kate when goggling around to find photographers in Auckland. Her work is lovely, she has her own style. We set up a meeting at a local café and it turned out that we had so much more in common than just our passion for photography. The coffee that we had led into a glass of wine, then drinks, dinner and a evening out all the four of us. Neither of us wanted this new friendship to end so quickly, we had so much fun hanging out, but the day after we had to leave Auckland with our rental car. When we left Auckland it was with the feeling of happiness that we just found amazing new friends but we also felt bad about not spending more time with them. We wanted them with us on our trip, imagining how much fun we could have had together! So we decided to meet again when we got back to Auckland.

10 days later we drove into Auckland again to meet up with Kate and Sherman. Fredrik hadn’t tried the New Zealand surf yet, so the boys went to a good surf spot just 30 minutes outside of Auckland. The girls had a nice picnic on the beach while playing with their cameras. The surf was good, and hanging on the beach also. After the beach we stopped by a local brewery on the way back to get some food and tap beer before calling it a day.

Our idea was to sleep in the car somewhere around Auckland our last few days, but we ended up getting invited to stay with our new friends in Parnell. We couldn’t have asked for better friends in the city, thank you so much Kate and Sherman for everything, meeting you really made a difference, we miss you guys. All the best of luck to you with your projects, until we meet again.

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