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Trekking in Piha, New Zealand

There are so many treks to choose from here in New Zealand, it feels you’ll never run out of new paths to walk.

All of them are marked clearly and the signs are kind enough to tell you how long you have left if you’re walking in a normal pace. For people like us, who like a good challenge this is a perfect trigger to try and beat while getting a good workout at the same time.

A few weeks ago we went to Piha to do short part of the Hillary Trail. We walked along the cliff edges to the sea, went past old antiquities where indigenous people a long time ago had cattle and overlooked small secluded beaches that you could only reach by sea. There is however one beach that we could access from the trek, Karekare, the same black sand beach where the movie The Piano was filmed. It is possible to get to the beach by car as well but we really enjoyed walking the coast line to get there. Once we got down it started to drizzle slightly and a mystical feeling spread over the beach. Fortunately there was no major burst but more of a refreshing splash on the way up the hills again and back.

The walk took around 2,5 hours for us to do, a perfect sunday activity just 45 minutes away from Auckland!

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Rotorua Thermal Wonderland

Last weekend we went for a short roadtrip to Rotaroua. You can really tell when you are getting close to the town because of the smell of rotten eggs. The smell is not that pleasant but just a 25 minute drive from the city you will find Wai-O-Tapu that is considered to be New Zealand’s most colorful and diverse geothermal sightseeing attraction. Also listed by Trip Advisor as one of the 20 Most Surreal Places in the World. And yes it feels a bit surreal when you are walking around the park, seeing all the different pools, all in the same area, so much variety in just an one hour walk. Some of the geothermal springs are orange, others yellow or toxic green! There are boiling mud pools and a geyser there as well. So you’ll see gas pouring up from underground all over the area, just like people has been lighting fires in the forest… but it’s all from the springs around the area. If you are around the area you should pay this place a visit. It is well worth it, but make sure to be there just when they open, at 8:30 in the morning to get the place for yourself and avoiding all the tourist buses that will get there just in time when you’re finishing up.

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Highlights from 2013

This year has passed by fast… After last winter’s escape from the cold we thought that we couldn’t survive the swedish winter and the dark months, without having at least one trip to a sunny, warm place. But as we know pass through the darkest month of the year, we know that the sun will return to us and with it a new year to fill with new discoveries, great memories and amazing experiences.

A picture says more then a thousand words, so here are some highlights from 2013 and our second year as Axel & Berg Photography.

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six months and so many inspiring people

We can’t describe with words how thankful we are for these last 5-6 months. It has easily been the best time in our lives and that is thanks to all the fanstastic and inspiring people we have meet along the way. When we started in November we sat out with an open mind and hope to find people that could enrich our life and inspire us to pursue our dreams, but without really knowing where to start or where to go. As it turned out these people we were looking for always ended up right in front of us, we meet them in these fortuitous situations and they became really good friends. Everyone of you have a filled a space in our heart and we will be carrying the memories of you with us where ever we go. You have truly opened our eyes, broadened our minds and hopefully we will meet each other again some day. Thank you!


Tomas, Patrik and Vadim at The Three by PTV Hotel
The friendly Sri lankan men we met our first night on the trip
Wildlife photographer Luxshmanan Nadaraja and his wife Nelun from Sri Lanka
Sara and Hampus from Sweden
Thukai who taught us how to dive on Fiji
Steph and Robin from New Zealand
Elly and Russ from Detroit
Jon Brown from Boston
The father and son that where traveling around Central America from England
The couple with a dog that where driving all the way from USA to Uruguay
Alana Newman and her husband from California
Rich Bryant from Canada
Alicia and Raoul from Sweden living in New York
Yannick from Canada
Fire fighter Erica from California
Kate and Sherman from New Zealand
Gill from Canada
Mark and Brian from Canada
The kids on Mana Island in Fiji
Martina from Sweden
Fijoy and his team in Colours production from India
Jeab from Thailand
Arthur, Kalle and all the others that we met in Thailand
Dor, Dana and Natan from Israel
Tom Guy from England
Mataiasi from Fiji
Henry from New Zealand
Big T from Fiji
Simon from Fiji
Jone Sowale from Fiji
Kamil from France
Gregory and Leigh from New Zealand
Christie and Alex from England
Andri from England
Jacob and Pauline from England
Erika Thomson from New Zealand
The team behind Bangkokvanguards in Thailand
…and many many more.

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