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Swedish summer in Skatan

It looks like this will be the summer when everyone comes to visit us in Sweden. When we were in Central America last winter, we met Rich from Canada, you might remember him if you followed our blog. A few weeks ago, he came to visit us in Sweden. He is always so happy and positive and seeing him again was an amazing feeling. He really timed his trip here as Sweden is absolutely beautiful in June. We showed him the archipelago of Sundsvall where everyone head’s out during the summer months. In Skatan we stopped at the local smoke house where the smoke master smokes seafood like salmon, shrimp, trout and char. Sooo good, it makes you fall in love with Swedish summer. We bought a smoked char and made the tastiest fish tacos in Sweden to try and beat the best fish tacos in Nicaragua, which we shared with Rich last time we met.

It was a short visit but so nice to catch up with travelling friends and to get to show a little part of Sweden to them.

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