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Erice – a village above the clouds

One day on our holiday in Sicily we decided to go take a roadtrip to go explore a little village that we had heard of, where you’d get to walk among the clouds over Sicily and also taste their famous pastry. They say that it is here that the author of “Bamse” found his inspiration to “Farmors hus”. If you have read that story, you can imagine how the lingering road up the mountain looked like.

The small village is called Erice and is located on top of Mount Erice, at around 750 metres (2,460 ft) above sea level, overlooking the city of Trapani, the low western coast towards Marsala, the dramatic Punta del Saraceno and Capo San Vito to the north-east, and the Aegadian Islands on Sicily’s north-western coast, providing spectacular views. It is like beeing in a fairy tail, looking at the grey buildings and castle as the clouds pass over you, making the whole village disappear for a while, making this place surrealistic and unique.

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